Wednesday, March 30, 2011

I wonder why it's been a long time

It's been a long time since I last posted. I intended to post more regularly beginning in 2011. Didn't happen. Then I resolved to post regularly during the season of Lent. Still hasn't happened...until now.

I've thought about the reasons for this. Of course, it could just be plain old procrastination. Another reason could be I'm called on to "produce" on a regular basis through sermons, articles, teachings, etc. That sort of distracts me from just jotting down thoughts on this blog.

But I'm not sure either one of those reasons is the main one (although the first one could be at play a good bit of the time!). One of the things I'm struck by on a lot of the Facebook posts is the pedestrian nature of so many of them. Probably one of the main reasons I don't post as often is because I want what I put down here to be substantial and profound. A related reason might be that one of the personal characteristics I sometimes struggle with in conversation is my tendency to freely share what I'm thinking, at times without sufficient reflection and thought.

My original intent on establishing this blog was to comment on current events and issues that come up that cause me to think or elicit some sort of response, in the hope that it might stimulate someone else's thinking.

So, in view of that goal, I'll try to post more often, as well as have something to say...other than drivel.